Beelitz is an abandoned town near to Berlin, Germany. I was pretty lucky to be living near to here for a while so when I found out about it I woke up at 7.30am the next day to sneak in. The place is quite difficult to get into if you don’t know what you’re doing and it’s a shame but many of the buildings have been knocked down since the war so we only managed to access 3 out of the 60 buildings. We only left because we were threatened by the police… But it was still pretty cool. Also Rammstien made a video here.


Many of the buildings were used as hospitals and sanitariums during the war. And a lot of it remained a soviet military hospital until 1955. I’m not sure exactly why an entire town was abandoned but the concept of a ghost town and not really knowing what happened there makes it feel even weirder. We circled around the main buildings for a while, I started getting frustrated, but never give up and you will get in.


First we went through the underground tunnels, darkness.. nothing but darkness. I got pretty scared thinking about it all because it was an old war hospital, many people would have died here, every noise i heard I was certain… GHOST! The darkness didn’t help either, my mind was playing tricks on me. Every other floor was really interesting. It’s a shame the time the buildings have left there doesn’t seem promising but I’m so happy I got to go even if it was only 3 of the buildings.


There was an eerie feel to the place, I couldn’t tell if this was to do with the derelict buildings on a cold, snowy day or the fact that Hitler had actually stayed here and someone had helped him to get better… maybe if he’d died here world war 2 wouldn’t have happened and I wouldn’t be writing this post… weird.





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