How to travel for ‘free’

There is really no way to travel ‘without money’ but you can do it for cheaper than the average person. As long as you aren’t bothered about having a certain amount of privilege in your life each day then there are hundreds of ways  to travel and to make it last for as long as possible!

1. WOOFing

WOOFing is one of the most common ways for cheap travel. Sign up to the website, decide where you want to go and see what’s on offer. The idea is that you volunteer around 25 hours per week on organic farms in return for all your food and accommodation. As with everything, there are a few horror stories but as long as you do your research, read reviews and speak to hosts there is a chance you are going to have a really good experience.

2. Workaway

Like WOOFing you volunteer your time in return for 3 meals a day and accommodation. Although workaway is slightly more difficult for getting work there are many more opportunities available. You can do anything from au pair work to building to music, match your skills to hosts and send them a message explaining why you want to work for them. I have been living like this for a few months now and having the time of my life meeting people I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

3. Flixbus

If you are looking for long term travel or just want to travel for cheap the cheapest way to get around Europe is Flixbus. The UK equivalent to Megabus. Long cramped journeys may not be your thing but for less than 20 euros from Berlin to Prague count your blessings.

4. Airbnb

A more common way of travelling for cheap is airbnb, rent out full apartments, single rooms or even shared rooms, prices do vary but it’s much cheaper than getting a hotel. Don’t be afraid of getting rooms in houses with people that already live there,  I’ve made friends this way and so far all of my experiences have been good. Use my link below and sign up and you will get £25 off your first trip – which in many places is a room for the night, sometimes two nights. 

5. Bla Bla Car

Bla bla car is a platform for long distance travel across Europe. Drivers advertise their empty seats in return for fuel money – the more people in the car, the cheaper the journey. Although it can be slightly more expensive than Flixbus the benefit is that you can get dropped off in an exact location and possibly make a new friend along the way.

6. Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is great if you are a solo traveller as it connects a global community of travellers. Not only does it enable you to find events and meet new friends but it also gives you the opportunity to stay at peoples houses for free. It’s not for everyone as often hosts want to get to know you and spend all of the time with you, but if you are travelling alone I imagine it can be pretty useful. It costs £13 for an annual membership.

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