Surviving camping at your first festival in Croatia

It’s almost the most beautiful time of the year… festival season! If you are jetting off to a festival in Croatia this year you are probably in two minds about whether to get an apartment or camp… camp camp camp! I cannot advise it enough, if you don’t camp you end up missing over half of the festival. And who wants to miss out? Yes in an apartment you get 8 hours sleep a night and a comfy bed but what’s the point of that? It’s a festival!


Camping is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the full vibe of the festival. You’re constantly meeting new people, making new friends and always having fun, plus you don’t have the dreaded walk or taxi ride home.


Camping Essential Items

Solar Charger or Portable Charger 

At most festivals there is a fee to charge your phone and then you have to leave it there for hours and then go back and collect it. The best thing to do is get a solar charger, it’s usually scorching all day you can leave it charging and then use that to charge your portable charger. For free!

Refillable water bottle

It’s essential to keep hydrated but there’s nothing more annoying than paying £1.50 every time you need a drink. If you get a proper plastic bottle you know its yours and can always stay hydrated.

Ear Plugs

One day or night you will inevitably need to catch up on some sleep. As music is only off for a few hours in the morning you need some earplugs to block out the music and probably your mates for a few hours too.

Portable speaker

Chances are you will be spending lots of your time at the camp site. Having some early morning sunrise tunes are essential for when everyone is chilling out. Also this is good to leave playing in your tent when you are elsewhere, it sounds as if someones in your tent to keep other people out!


You tried to pack light for festival season but ended up bringing loads of clothes right? Well use this to your advantage! Fill your pillowcase with clothes and you have somewhere comfy to lie down.


Double use as a mattress – enough said!


You need a pair of slip on flip flops for the beach and roaming around the campsite and a pair of old trainers for the arenas. Don’t bother taking any nice footwear with you – you were warned!

Fairy Lights

From camping to glamping! At around 9pm before the music starts again most people drink at their campsite and there is nothing more annoying than not being able to see your drinks, pick up some cheap battery powered fairy lights before hand, this also draws new people to your camp too.



The best way to stay out of the sun in the morning is to try and camp under a tree but the chances are you will wake up due to your tent becoming a sauna. A not so essential item is a hammock but getting one makes it much easier to sleep throughout the day.

See you in Croatia!



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