Labels to Watch: Craigie Knowes

I discovered the Glasgow label Craigie Knowes via ‘Les Yeux Orange’ a few months ago now and they have quickly become the gift that just keeps on giving.

The first track I heard was Voiron – Vironizer and was instantly hooked on the rave, acid and hardcore hybrid. This tune is one you can play even in a heavier club setting but it still has that emotional element to it so there is no divide in the feelings felt from club listening to headphone listening. Listen to the EP below.



After scrolling through their social media for a while I discovered DJ Overdose, another producer doing special things to my ears. His Mindstorms EP consists of four upbeat and emotional electro tracks perfect easy listening for any situation. Check it out below.


It seems Craigie Knowes really do know their tunes and I’m looking forward to future releases, the future is nigh for this label, enjoy it before it’s cool.

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