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Elizabeth Sanitarium

Elizabeth Sanitarium is a huge abandoned clinic located near a small town next to Berlin called Potsdam. Located on a main road in Stahnsdorf, the sanitarium was used to treat tuberculosis patients in the early 1900’s and was still standing after WW2. After the war it became a skin clinic and had capacity for 90 inpatients. There was a second smaller building that looked like a house which I think was used as an administration building and for employees accommodation.


Getting in is fairly easy, walk around the small fence and there are people sized holes all over where others have got in previously. There is a dog training centre in front of the building so just be careful that no one see you whilst entering as it’s ‘verborten’ but once you’re in, you’re in! The building is a whole has seen better days, abandoned in 1994 the days left here seem numbered as many roofs have collapsed entirely.


Walking around you can’t help but feel as if there is a presence following you… any small noise you hear (other than the motorway) gives you heart palpitations and makes you feel as if you are not alone there. In fact, I’m not sure that we were as when we went to the gloomy underground floor it was pitch black and with our phone torches all we could see a fresh blanket and pillow in one of the rooms, I’m sure it was just a harmless homeless person but it was still creepy!



Unexpectedly the small house-like building just opposite ended up being surprisingly one of the most interesting places I’d been in… full of mystery. As we opened one of the doors inside we were met with nothing but darkness… As we walked further in we came to the realisation that this entire room had had the doors closed and set on fire. Everything was burnt and the on the black walls people had put hand prints which now looked white due to the absence of soot. There were fresh sofas and blankets in there which made me feel as if people had been in there chilling together in the dirt… possibly the homeless person but I guess I will never know for sure…


Things to Do In Berlin

Planning a trip to Berlin? Then it’s probably best to have some sort of plan before you go… Berlin is a vast city and with so much to do it can leave you feeling overwhelmed about how to spend your time there. As I lived there for a few months I’ve managed to do and see a few things now. Berlin is such a cool place to visit, with so much history, art and of course nightlife! Honestly this list was hard for me because mainly all I did was go to bars and clubs…

I’d highly recommend getting the “Berlin Ulmon” app. It works as an offline map and if you plan properly beforehand you can favourite all of the places you want to  go and work out which places are close together before you go. There is a lot of walking to do in Berlin so make sure you bring a pair of comfortable shoes.


East Side Gallery is a memorial site representing the lack of freedom under communism after the war. The wall divided East and West Berlin and anyone that tried to cross the wall would be killed. The wall is located in the district of Friedrichshain and it is surreal to think that people living less than a mile away from each other weren’t allowed to see each other. It is a must see whilst visiting Berlin as artists have covered the wall in graffiti and quotes representing the political events that happened   in 1989 and 1990.




District Mot is possibly the best restaurant that I went to the entire time I was in Berlin. It serves delicious ‘saigon street food’ and when you walk in the venue it’s as if you have  left Berlin and entered Vietnam. With such a wide variety of food I’d never tried before it took me around half an hour to decide what to eat! I  can’t remember the name of the dish that I chose but it was something with tofu and garlic with crispy sticky rice, which is basically a ball of rice… deep fried, it was amazing! 10/10 recommend



Get a Mexicana! Ordering a Mexicana in a bar in Berlin is about as common as ordering a shot of vodka elsewhere. It tastes like a Bloody Mary but it’s a shot and uses tequila instead of vodka. They are usually sold for 2 euros and taste absolutely amazing. I didn’t manage to get a picture because I drank them as soon as they were given to me.

Spreepark! is an abandoned theme park in the Treptow-Köpenick district of Berlin. Unless you are an early riser it’s pretty hard to get into but you can still see the whole park despite a fence all the way around it. I was put off trying to get because there’s a huge park surrounding it and people constantly walking past. You can see all you need to see just walking around it. The Ferris wheel was moving around by itself which was pretty spooky, definitely a must see and it’s nice to walk around the area too.

Klunkerkranich is the place to be in Berlin. It is a super cool rooftop bar in Neukölln overlooking the whole of East Berlin. It’s a quirky bar and you have to ‘know’ about it in order to access it. You have to go up a lift in  a car park, go to the highest floor, once you get out you will be left in  a car park, walk around to a ramp and you will find a funky garden. You are now in the coolest bar in Berlin. I have only been in  the nights so sadly I have missed the sunsets! But I’d love to go back on a sunny day to enjoy the views. In the evening it is usually busy with DJ’s on, the seats in there are super comfortable too.



Bikini Hotel Berlin is the latest hipster hangout. You don’t need to be staying there in order to visit. Whilst walking there you can find views of the Berlin zoo (for free) so we saw a few monkeys which was pretty cute! There is also a rooftop bar here too but I’d really recommend booking in advance – we tried to go when it was 2 degrees outside and there was still a queue coming out of the door. On the main floor of the hotel there is a chill area, named ‘bikini island’ with unique seating, access to use of macs for focused work, hammocks to chill in and a cafe. There is a DJ area that sets the tone and feeling of the place – super nice atmosphere and a new place to be. No photos as my phone was dead but definitely worth the mention!

There are tonnes more things you can do in Berlin I couldn’t possibly fit it all into one post but if you need anymore help then feel free to ask in the comments.


Things I want to achieve this year

So it might be slightly late for new years resolutions. But I like to see these as goals rather than things I want to change about myself.

Ever since I was 9 I have dreamt of travelling the world… It all started when I had to move back home from Florida to England… I was so fed up with moving back to England! And deep down I think I always carried this with me. I have always talked about travelling and the day I got back off a holiday to Croatia I just thought ‘fuck it, I’m going’ I asked my boyfriend if he would come.. booked our tickets and three months later I was on a plane to Berlin.  Everything just fell into place after that. So I put my mind to it and here are some of the things I want to put my mind to this year…

Run half a marathon, everyone will probably laugh at me for considering this but it would be crazy to do something completely out of my comfort zone! It would be amazing for myself to keep on proving that anything is possible when you put your mind to it… ask me a year ago if I thought I’d be living abroad for nearly 4 months now? I wouldn’t have believed you, it’s not for fitness or anything like that, I just want to get over that finish line and know that it’s mind over matter. No holding back!

Transition to a vegan diet After staying with a vegan family for six weeks I have learnt how easy it is to live fully vegan. I felt so much healthier in myself and all of the pros out weighed the cons. I’m not sure if I will complete this by the end of the year but where possible I aim to be eating vegan food as much as I can rather than buying into the meat and dairy industries. It’s 2017, people are waking up to how bad the meat industry is and I think it’s great that vegans and vegetarians are no longer alienated into a group of negativity.

Read more informative books I am very interested in Psychology and how the mind works, I often find myself reading articles or watching documentaries on murder cases relating to psychology and leave myself thinking, “why would someone do that?” I really want to learn more about how the mind works and what makes people behave in the way they do.

Switch off social media more… as I get older the more I realise that technology is overcoming everything… Especially the younger generation. From having  younger sisters I have noticed how absorbed people are becoming in the tangle of other peoples lives. Other than writing content for my blog I am trying to limit my time online, stop checking Facebook, stop endless scrolling… this is doing nothing but turning me into a zombie. After watching Black Mirror it really opened my eyes to the way society is headed… I’m not saying it is a bad thing but personally I just want to focus on me and making myself happy.



What makes you happy?

Pizza and food and friends and also… cute animals

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Go shopping, save the panda bears, go in the city and give the homeless some money about £100 each so they can eat.

If you could go anywhere where would you go an why?

California… San Francisco,

Why?  Sea is nice, there is famous people and  golden gate bridge is very nice

If you could only have 5 possessions what would they be?

Iphone 7, tv, card where you can go shopping everywhere buy never pay, macbook,  a new car for her mum


What makes you happy?

The absence of problems and the company of my own children.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Pay all the bills, buy some land and finish the house, have a big animal sanctuary, renovate the house and quit working! Money for children and give them a nice bank account.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Stay because I don’t need anywhere else to go. Or on a journey with Paul Watson to save the whales!

If you could only keep 5 possessions what would they be?

Wow..  Very difficult question… 5 music cds, just music.. music. Nothing important, maybe a complicated book.

If you were president whats the first thing that you would do?

Forbid all the slaughter houses and animal farms! Set all the people on a vegan diet and schools would be for free for everyone, children would have their say and maybe children could chose their teachers. Find the really rich ones and take some and give to the poor, give a sure income for poor people so they don’t have to struggle.


Beelitz is an abandoned town near to Berlin, Germany. I was pretty lucky to be living near to here for a while so when I found out about it I woke up at 7.30am the next day to sneak in. The place is quite difficult to get into if you don’t know what you’re doing and it’s a shame but many of the buildings have been knocked down since the war so we only managed to access 3 out of the 60 buildings. We only left because we were threatened by the police… But it was still pretty cool. Also Rammstien made a video here.


Many of the buildings were used as hospitals and sanitariums during the war. And a lot of it remained a soviet military hospital until 1955. I’m not sure exactly why an entire town was abandoned but the concept of a ghost town and not really knowing what happened there makes it feel even weirder. We circled around the main buildings for a while, I started getting frustrated, but never give up and you will get in.


First we went through the underground tunnels, darkness.. nothing but darkness. I got pretty scared thinking about it all because it was an old war hospital, many people would have died here, every noise i heard I was certain… GHOST! The darkness didn’t help either, my mind was playing tricks on me. Every other floor was really interesting. It’s a shame the time the buildings have left there doesn’t seem promising but I’m so happy I got to go even if it was only 3 of the buildings.


There was an eerie feel to the place, I couldn’t tell if this was to do with the derelict buildings on a cold, snowy day or the fact that Hitler had actually stayed here and someone had helped him to get better… maybe if he’d died here world war 2 wouldn’t have happened and I wouldn’t be writing this post… weird.





How to travel for ‘free’

There is really no way to travel ‘without money’ but you can do it for cheaper than the average person. As long as you aren’t bothered about having a certain amount of privilege in your life each day then there are hundreds of ways  to travel and to make it last for as long as possible!

1. WOOFing

WOOFing is one of the most common ways for cheap travel. Sign up to the website, decide where you want to go and see what’s on offer. The idea is that you volunteer around 25 hours per week on organic farms in return for all your food and accommodation. As with everything, there are a few horror stories but as long as you do your research, read reviews and speak to hosts there is a chance you are going to have a really good experience.

2. Workaway

Like WOOFing you volunteer your time in return for 3 meals a day and accommodation. Although workaway is slightly more difficult for getting work there are many more opportunities available. You can do anything from au pair work to building to music, match your skills to hosts and send them a message explaining why you want to work for them. I have been living like this for a few months now and having the time of my life meeting people I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

3. Flixbus

If you are looking for long term travel or just want to travel for cheap the cheapest way to get around Europe is Flixbus. The UK equivalent to Megabus. Long cramped journeys may not be your thing but for less than 20 euros from Berlin to Prague count your blessings.

4. Airbnb

A more common way of travelling for cheap is airbnb, rent out full apartments, single rooms or even shared rooms, prices do vary but it’s much cheaper than getting a hotel. Don’t be afraid of getting rooms in houses with people that already live there,  I’ve made friends this way and so far all of my experiences have been good. Use my link below and sign up and you will get £25 off your first trip – which in many places is a room for the night, sometimes two nights. 

5. Bla Bla Car

Bla bla car is a platform for long distance travel across Europe. Drivers advertise their empty seats in return for fuel money – the more people in the car, the cheaper the journey. Although it can be slightly more expensive than Flixbus the benefit is that you can get dropped off in an exact location and possibly make a new friend along the way.

6. Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is great if you are a solo traveller as it connects a global community of travellers. Not only does it enable you to find events and meet new friends but it also gives you the opportunity to stay at peoples houses for free. It’s not for everyone as often hosts want to get to know you and spend all of the time with you, but if you are travelling alone I imagine it can be pretty useful. It costs £13 for an annual membership.