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Labels to Watch: Craigie Knowes

I discovered the Glasgow label Craigie Knowes via ‘Les Yeux Orange’ a few months ago now and they have quickly become the gift that just keeps on giving.

The first track I heard was Voiron – Vironizer and was instantly hooked on the rave, acid and hardcore hybrid. This tune is one you can play even in a heavier club setting but it still has that emotional element to it so there is no divide in the feelings felt from club listening to headphone listening. Listen to the EP below.



After scrolling through their social media for a while I discovered DJ Overdose, another producer doing special things to my ears. His Mindstorms EP consists of four upbeat and emotional electro tracks perfect easy listening for any situation. Check it out below.


It seems Craigie Knowes really do know their tunes and I’m looking forward to future releases, the future is nigh for this label, enjoy it before it’s cool.

Why do some tunes bring back such vivid memories?

I’ve just managed to pull my shit back together.

I managed to recoverĀ the tune and all the music that I found throughout the summer before my laptop broke and I stupidly didn’t backup the majority of my music.

95 tunes that I downloaded to play out over the summer… I forgot about some of them and now my emotions are running high, it’s pretty amazing how music can move you in different ways. I’m pretty positive I could never get this same emotion from death metal or opera but that’s my personal preference and I’m sure intense emotions have been felt by different people over every genre out there.

Suddenly, there it was… Long gone by Al Zanders. I don’t know what it is about this song considering the first 2/3 minutes are actually pretty boring. It’s just a certain memory I have listening to it.

It was around 9am at Love International, a few people left dancing, the sun beaming on my face… I was actually feeling pretty weird and emotional at the time but anyways I was DJ’ing but I really wasn’t feeling it, then I played this by accident, I was feeling shady about it because like I said the start of it is relatively boring.

One of my friends was running round in a technicolor dream coat and an Irish woman I really wish I’d stayed friends with was sticking post it notes on her head… good times.

I don’t even remember when I downloaded it… but it worked and the tune picked up and the sun was out and everyone around me was dancing and I felt amazing and I’d forgotten anything bad that had happened in the world.

Over three months have gone by now and I have listened to so much music since that I’d completely forgotten about it, I heard it earlier in one of my recovered files and it took me back to that exact moment… I had never really thought about that morning before, but I just started crying. It was so weird. What a feeling?

As it turns out there has been A LOT of research done on the topic.

What amazed me the most was a study done by Baird & Sampson on people who had suffered traumatic brain injuries and as a result had suffered from memory loss.

They played popular number one hits to patients and amazingly patients were able to recite a certain time period in their lives that they weren’t able to remember before. Not necessarily the time that it was number one but a time period that the song reminded them of.

I’m not a neuroscience expert so I’m not sure exactly what this means but I do think its amazing how certain memories can be pulled out of the back of your brain down to a certain melody.

So in some way I’m recovering files from the depths of my mind as well as inside my computer.

Can someone get an external hard drive for my head?

I wonder which other tunes bring out super strong memories to different people?




What I’m Listening to – Moderat

If you’re a fan of Modeselektor! or Apparat, then undoubtedly you will have heard of Berlin’s best collaboration, Moderat. The trio are aimed at a very particular kind of electronic music fan and their music is truly compelling. One of my favourite tracks “A New Error” illustrate the balance from each of the three producers. It has the warm astaral qualities that Apparat produces followed by the muscular energy from Modeselektor, it’s an extremely intricate song and in the right mood it can take you into a completely different world.
Another song to check out is “Nr.22” arguably one of Moderat’s finest cuts and one of the best standard built and released techno I have heard for a long time, like many tracks, it starts off whispery before setting out a lose hyperactive synth and staccato-drum pattern, sure to melt paint off the walls from Berlin to Broooklyn.

There are so many club made moments in each of their songs yet they manage to split their style with a variety of atmospheric numbers to grime-infected pop tracks. Every song is a winner. Ring takes up vocal duties on a couple of tracks, a personal favourite being “Rusty Nails.” This tune closely resembles songs off Apparat’s 2007’s “Walls.” However, there is less of a dream/pop structure and this has been swapped out for dubstep sounding synths. I feel Rusty Nails and other vocal song “Out of Sight” owes a lot to Burial as the similarities make you feel as if you are listening to a Burial song, however Moderat are able to add their own spin to things.

Moderat (Moderat) album felt sightly lengthy in comparison to Moderat (II) as some tracks felt as if they were there for the sake of making a full length record rather than an EP. However the 2013 album II reflects how much the trio have progressed as they seem intent on exploring or blurring the line between ‘dancefloor listening’ and ‘headphone listening.’ Overall, the major differences between II and their self titled is that their sonic sensibilities have grown more refined and compelling and that the world has just about caught up with them. (Well, some of us more than others) II seems capable of making the most out of the moment as it is a flawlessly xecuted record.